New research reveals 92% of employers see loss of focus as the #1 problem in the modern workplace
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New research reveals 92% of employers see loss of focus as the #1 problem in the modern workplace

Workforce analytics software company Insightful releases groundbreaking research on the urgent issue of concentration in the workplace.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / July 9, 2024 / Insightful, a leading workforce analytics software company, has released an in-depth study that reveals the potential for focus loss in the modern workplace.

The study, which involved 1,200 participants (600 employees and 600 managers) from the United States, sheds light on the challenges and dynamics of maintaining focus at work.

Insightful Research, Losing Focus: The Cost of Distraction to Productivity in the Modern Workplace reveals that losing focus is a major problem for modern leaders and managers, while employees also admit that losing focus often affects their productivity at work.

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Key takeaways:

  • Losing concentration is a serious problem: 92% of employers said that loss of concentration is a serious problem in the workplace.

  • A time of deep concentration is elusive: 80% of employees said they cannot last an hour at work without being distracted

  • Common distractions: 67% of workers admit to checking text messages or emails more than 10 times a day, and 59% take breaks at least every 30 minutes.

  • Biggest office criminals: 81% of employees said they are regularly distracted while working in the office. The top distraction for employees is interactions with other employees (71%), followed by phone notifications (62%).

  • Flexible forms of work: 62% of employers have introduced greater work flexibility to combat loss of concentration.

  • Generational challenges: Managers believe that lack of time to focus is the main problem faced by Generation Z employees (64%).

  • Most employees feel Burnt: 68% of employees said they had experienced burnout in the past year.

  • Work-life balance: 93% of managers said ensuring work-life balance for employees is a priority.

  • Implementing Artificial Intelligence: 60% of managers already use AI in the workplace, and 28% are considering implementing it

  • Compensation and concentration: 49% of workers believe that higher pay would improve their concentration. 43% said that more flexibility would shorten their concentration time.

Ivan Petrovic, CEO and founder of Insightful, said the study paints a picture of modern workplaces where the ability to focus is under constant threat.

“This research reveals that losing focus is one of the most pressing challenges, if not the greatest, for both leaders and employees,” Mr. Petrovic said.

“With the advancement of technology, distractions have never been greater – in and out of the workplace. The fact that more than 9 in 10 employers say that losing focus is their top concern is evidence of this.

“While lack of focus is a challenge for organizations, it is also an opportunity. We believe that teams that take steps to enable deeper work—whether through technology, flexible work, location, or other means—will gain a competitive advantage. That’s because even small increases in focus across the workforce can have a dramatic impact on performance and results.”

In response to the challenges of time-loss and distractions, many companies are already turning to technology for answers, the report reveals. This includes adopting tools such as workforce analytics, employee time-tracking software and productivity management tools.


Insightful conducted the survey of 1,200 respondents in the U.S. in partnership with specialist research firm Pollfish. Respondents were 600 company employees and 600 company leaders in the U.S. Both surveys included 14 multiple-choice questions.

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New research reveals 92% of employers see loss of focus as the #1 problem in the modern workplace

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