Hollywood Actor’s Daughter Found Dead In Her Home, Her Family Says It Wasn’t Suicide
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Hollywood Actor’s Daughter Found Dead In Her Home, Her Family Says It Wasn’t Suicide

Daelena Mackay was a lively student who wanted to follow in her father’s footsteps and become an actress.

But in May, she was found hanging by a red scarf in her Los Angeles apartment, just a month before her 21st birthday. For weeks, her body sat in a morgue after the county medical examiner ruled her death a suicide.

Her father, Dwayne Adway, is a veteran Hollywood actor who has starred in popular television shows CSI, NYPD blueAND The plane of the soul, She has since disputed the cause of her daughter’s death and says the family is seeking “truth and justice.” Her mother, Elaine Mackay, also says her daughter had suspicious injuries.

After Mackay was found in her El Centro Hollywood bathroom on May 23, a man claiming to be her boyfriend said he desperately tried to revive her by calling 911, police said. Those attempts were unsuccessful, and paramedics pronounced her dead just after midnight.

According to the police report, the boyfriend said he left the apartment around 8 p.m. after an argument and returned to find his wife dead.

The Los Angeles County Medical Examiner did not perform an autopsy. The medical examiner said Independent that an external examination conducted on May 25 and the “circumstances surrounding the death” of the 20-year-old were conclusive. The case remains open, it was confirmed.

But Mackay’s family is not satisfied, and Adway said he intends to “pressure” Los Angeles police to investigate his daughter’s case more thoroughly, he said. New York Post.

“They’re determined to stay where they are and not investigate it any further. It seems to be happening a lot in Los Angeles with black and brown girls who are dying and being written off as suicides,” he said.

Hollywood Actor’s Daughter Found Dead In Her Home, Her Family Says It Wasn’t SuicideHollywood Actor’s Daughter Found Dead In Her Home, Her Family Says It Wasn’t Suicide

Dwayne Adway said he wants to put pressure on Los Angeles police to investigate the case more thoroughly (Getty Images)

Adway told the outlet that he met the man who called 911 the day his daughter died and admitted he had concerns about his behavior.

Mackay’s mother claimed the alleged partner was not the same one her daughter had been dating for a long time in Texas, she said Post.

The distraught mother also shared her dismay at the lack of a thorough autopsy on her daughter, claiming she had “no choice but to examine her body herself.”

“Her body tells a different story than the one the police are telling us. There is bruising and bleeding from two stab wounds about an inch apart that run from the front of her body to her back, as well as other bleeding,” she told the news agency.

Mackay also maintains that her daughter had seen a therapist the day before her death, adding that “there were no clinical signs of depression or suicidal ideation, my daughter was full of life.”

Adway says an autopsy likely won’t shed any further light on the cause of his daughter’s death, but he continues to press authorities to take further action.

“I demand a full investigation by the Los Angeles Police Department in hopes of finding truth and justice,” he said. NBC Los Angeles.

Adway said he consulted with two private forensic pathologists and said they told him there was no doubt his daughter had been strangled. However, their autopsy results would not differ from those of the medical examiner.

“The problem is not that she was strangled, but the way it was done,” Adway said. Fasting.

Independent asked the police to let them know whether they would decide to investigate Mackay’s death further.

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