Microsoft prepares to implement iPhone-only workplace option for employees in China
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Microsoft prepares to implement iPhone-only workplace option for employees in China

Software giant Microsoft is preparing to implement new working conditions for employees in China. This includes using iPhones only in the workplace.

The company confirmed the new rules will be implemented by September this year.

As highlighted in a new Bloomberg report yesterday, the decision came in the form of an internal memo sent to employees about the tech giant informing its employees to verify their identities through Microsoft Authenticator, which manages passwords. This will also involve using the Identity Pass platform, which is visible on Apple devices.

The question many are asking is what difference will this make, if any? Similarly, why doesn’t the company prefer Android? Well, according to experts, it has to do with apps.

The company has made it clear that all employees will not be allowed to use Android phones to access Microsoft platforms, as they are owned by Google. This would also apply to the Play Store, which is not available to those living in China.

As a result, users in this country have only one place to install the Authenticator and Identity Pass platforms: Apple’s App Store.

However, the organization is not completely ruling out the Android operating system as a whole. It mentioned that the company’s employees could continue to use their personal Android phones outside of work, but would be given the iPhone 15 at work.

The news is clear evidence that Microsoft is willing to tighten its security practices in the wake of hacking attacks from China and Russia. The company was reportedly in hot water for a number of security lapses linked to the American Cyber ​​​​Safety Review Board. They described (in a recent document) how the software giant made several mistakes that could have been avoided.

The board also mentioned how hackers in 2023 were able to get into the company’s Exchange Online, which had users from 22 different companies. As a result, hackers were able to access and download 60,000 private emails belonging to the government itself.

In a recent media call, Microsoft mentioned that a series of events in the past have shown that it needs to adopt a more rigorous security culture for its networks to avoid similar mistakes and incidents in the future.

Last May, the company made it very clear about its plans to expand the Secure Future Initiative and how it would cover recommendations across the board. The organization will take more rigorous action, which will include account protection with multi-factor authentication.

Microsoft’s vice president issued a new statement explaining that at this point, their top priority is keeping the company safe, more important than anything else.

Although the company representative did not respond to further questions on the matter, it is clear that the goal for now is to introduce a new obligation to use the iPhone.

Microsoft prepares to implement iPhone-only workplace option for employees in China

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