Suicide capsule use stopped
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Suicide capsule use stopped

Suicide capsule use stopped
Suicide Pod (c) Sarco

First use of so-called suicide machine stopped.

The capsule was invented by Australian inventor Philip Nitschke, who claims that it is a quick and painless method.

He expressed hope that it would be used in the country to help people who want to take their own lives, but the prosecutor’s office in the canton of St. Gallen says any operator using the technology will be prosecuted.

Proponents say the futuristic-looking module is activated by the person inside, flooding the capsule with nitrogen, causing suffocation.

Critics say it is the same method used in the U.S. as an execution method and that it does not provide a quick and easy death.
In addition, although assisted suicide is legal, the law is clear – no one can make money from it. The canton says it is not clear how the inventor benefits from it.

St. Gallen is the first canton to make it clear that criminal proceedings will be initiated if this method is used, but commentators believe other cantons will follow suit.