Change of plan gives Ferguson victory and opening
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Change of plan gives Ferguson victory and opening

Change of plan gives Ferguson victory and opening

Ewen Ferguson won 18-under in Munich (Getty Images)

New BMW International Open champion Ewen Ferguson considered skipping the Munich tournament to focus on qualifying for the Open.

But a late change of heart did the 28-year-old Scot good, earning him his third DP World Tour victory and securing a place in the Royal Troon grid.

“As a golfer you don’t win many times but when you do it’s special,” a delighted Ferguson told BBC Scotland.

“I wasn’t supposed to play the Germans, I was supposed to play in the Open qualifiers. But it turned out I withdrew from the Open qualifiers, played the Germans and still made it to the Open!”

After making his Open debut last year, he is now one of the top five players in the Race to Dubai who are yet to secure a place.

With that burden off his shoulders and a significant jump in the world rankings (from 168th to 104th), he heads into this year’s Scottish Open in good spirits.

“I can’t wait to get out there and try it,” he said.

“Last week I was thinking I couldn’t wait to play my home Open, to get into the top 10 and get a spot in the Open. Now I can relax, go easy and see what I can do.”

Ferguson’s good friend Robert MacIntyre finished second at the Scottish Open last year, one shot behind Rory McIlroy after a thrilling final day in East Lothian.

Ferguson and MacIntyre have come through every rank of their careers together, and the latter’s success has been a source of joy and inspiration to them.

“Watching him win the Canadian Open was just amazing,” he said. “Seeing when he was stressed and how he dealt with it. It made me think, ‘I can be better, I just have to be better.’”

“I was so proud of it, but you envy it too and wish it was yours.

“One of the first people to write to me after I won at the weekend was Bob, saying he was so happy for me and to keep it going.”

Ferguson would like to follow in MacIntyre’s footsteps and join the PGA Tour, admitting that playing in America is his “ultimate goal”.

Vision and balance problems were a concern for Ferguson, but medication has since brought them under control.

“I was really nervous, I thought next year I would be on the Challenger Tour again,” he said of his recent health struggles.

“It’s really hard to take weeks off when you’re not earning any points, watching your ranking drop and your friends and peers take over.

“It also made me realize that I actually enjoy playing golf a lot more than I thought.

“You can take it for granted and life can be overwhelming at times, but when you’re sitting on the couch and you’re bored, you think to yourself, ‘I actually like being there,’ even if it’s hard.”