Singer Kizz Daniel’s marriage fell apart due to infidelity
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Singer Kizz Daniel’s marriage fell apart due to infidelity

Singer Kizz Daniel’s marriage fell apart due to infidelity

The marriage of Nigerian artist Oluwatobiloba Anidugbe, popularly known as Kizz Daniel, and his loving wife MJay has allegedly broken down due to infidelity.

It was recently discovered that the “Showa” hit producer had deleted all footage of his wife and the mother of his three children. Mjay’s Instagram account has also been deactivated.

Many people were concerned because it was suspected that the couple was going through a serious marital crisis.

However, controversial blogger Cutie Juls claims that the couple’s marriage fell apart due to Kizz Daniels’ recent infidelity.

Apparently his wife caught him sleeping with another woman in the office and refuses to forgive him or take him back.

According to the blog, relatives and friends have intervened, but the wife remains adamant, stating that she has forgiven him many times but this time she has no intention of returning. Cutie Juls claims that Kizz Daniels is frantically trying to fix the situation.

The post reads: “In short: Kizz Daniel has a studio in his house, which is located on the top floor. Those of you who have visited his house before will realize that his bedrooms and dressing rooms are like a maisonette. The floor where the beds are is his studio.”

“Guess what? Oga was robbing a chick in the studio and the wife recently caught them red-handed. Now the wife says that this time she is not ready to forgive and take him back. Family and friends have stepped in but the wife says lie, lie because she has forgiven him several times in the past but this particular situation is crucial. She will not do it again.”

“Oga apologized to everyone and everywhere, but the wife says that her no means no. We don’t know if she will change her mind in the future, but for now she is very hurt and disappointed with Kizz Daniel, because last time he really convinced her that he is.”

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precious.ihuoma said: “Why apologize for something you planned and did? I hate adults who keep apologizing for things they will do again anyway. The audacity to disrespect your wife at home. Bro, now bring your buddy with full breasts, use your buddies and stop the self-admiration.”