Help track suspects on the run – Southern Mail
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Help track suspects on the run – Southern Mail

Help track suspects on the run – Southern Mail
Suspects armed with firearms went on rampage in Ottery.

Amid escalating gang violence on the Cape Flats, where gun-toting gangsters have gone on a rampage, an urgent appeal has been made to the community to come forward with information that could lead to the arrest of suspects.

Cape Town security authorities circulated photos of the suspects and asked the community to identify and locate the men.

JP Smith, the mayoral commission member for safety, said there had been arrests as a result of community outreach but two suspects were still at large. The five men are suspected in connection with the shooting incidents in Ottery during an ongoing upsurge in gang violence and were spotted on CCTV on Friday, June 28.

Mr Smith said in a statement that law enforcement had come under fire during operations in response to gun violence in Lavender Hill, Grassy Park and Ottery over the past few weeks.

“It cannot be that these attackers or their actions are not known to other members of the community, nor that the community itself should continue to suffer violence from these gangs fighting each other for territory.

“There is talk of members of the community being forced to keep quiet to protect themselves from danger, but that is simply because it is not safe to do so because the police cannot be trusted,” Mr Smith said.

He added that the city has its own free hotline for reporting crimes. Callers can remain anonymous and do not have to provide their name or contact information.

“Just let us know who the instigators are, where the drugs and firearms are stored, or who the shooters are.”

He asked anyone who could help identify and trace the individuals in the photos to contact the city’s dedicated tip line. A reward of up to R20 000 is available for information if it leads to a successful arrest or recovery of illegal firearms or contraband.

Ottery shooting suspects at large.

Grassy Park CPF has condemned the ongoing shootings in Ottery and Lotus River, with chairman Melvyn Jonkers saying the violence not only takes lives but also causes unnecessary stress and disruption to residents.

“Gun violence will never become the norm in our neighborhoods. Our children cannot grow up and thrive in a violent environment.

“We are calling on social welfare agencies, religious organisations such as churches and mosques to stand up now and give people guidance. We cannot remain silent and stand by while an entire generation is lost due to lack of guidance and leadership,” Mr Jonkers said.

The CPF also appealed to the community to support the police and not hinder the work of law enforcement agencies.

“Everyone in the community has a responsibility to do what they can to create a peaceful living environment. It starts at home. Values ​​are not taught in school, but ingrained in the home,” Mr Jonkers said.

Anyone with information about any incidents, weapons, drugs or suspects in the images can report them anonymously, 24 hours a day, by calling 0800 110077.