Boeing to pay 3 million in compensation for 737 Max crashes
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Boeing to pay $243 million in compensation for 737 Max crashes

To avoid a trial, Boeing has reached a settlement with the United States Department of Justice over the tragic 737 MAX crashes that occurred more than five years ago, sources report.

The U.S. plane maker has agreed to pay a $243.6 million fine over crashes in Indonesia in October 2018 and Ethiopia in 2019, according to media reports on Monday.

These devastating events, which occurred over the course of just five months, resulted in the deaths of 346 people on board both planes.

Under the agreement, Boeing will have an independent compliance officer oversee the company for three years and will also be required to invest at least $455 million in compliance and safety programs.

Boeing to pay 3 million in compensation for 737 Max crashes

The Justice Department said in May that the company had breached the terms of a 2021 settlement over deadly 737 MAX crashes by failing to implement a compliance program.

In January 2021, the company reached a $2.5 billion settlement with the Justice Department on conspiracy charges that created a $500 million fund for family members of victims.

Additionally, in September 2022, the company agreed to pay $200 million to settle allegations that it misled investors about its 737 MAX aircraft, which was grounded worldwide from March 2019 to December 2020.