Grady County officials raise safety concerns after oil rig fire
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Grady County officials raise safety concerns after oil rig fire

GRADY COUNTY, Okla. (KFOR) – Grady County authorities say a fire at an oil rig that injured four people Monday could lead to more damage.

Crews responded Monday afternoon to a report of an explosion near Bradley. Grady County Fire Chief Rodney Gregory said the call prompted a fairly large response from neighboring fire and EMS departments.

Grady County officials raise safety concerns after oil rig fire

“They were working at the wellhead doing maintenance work on the drilling rig,” Gregory said.

Gregory said that during his time working in the county, it was rare for incidents like this to be responded to by emergency crews.

“In almost 30 years, this is probably the sixth or seventh case I’ve seen in this county,” Gregory said.

Gregory said the property is owned by Red Rocks Oil and Gas, but News 4’s request for comment was not immediately answered Monday.

Gregory said all four people injured were employees.

“We just hope everyone is OK,” Gregory said.

Gregory said Monday he did not know the severity of the victims’ injuries but said they received adequate medical care.

News 4 confirmed Grady County Emergency Management officials treated three victims for serious burns, while a fourth refused medical attention.

While News 4 crews were on scene Monday, a second fire broke out. Gregory said it was not intentionally set.

An oil rig fire in Grady County west of Bradley. Photo courtesy of KFOR.

“The second fire was accidental and was caused by heat from equipment that was still there,” Gregory said.

Gregory said crews pulled out of the area due to the risk of the drilling rig tipping over, potentially putting more lives at risk.

“It could fall over,” Gregory said. “The pipe could fall over. There’s a good reason to keep everyone away from it.”

Gregory expects the drilling rig to be monitored for several days in case there are more flashes, but he believes the rain over the weekend helped crews a lot.

“All that rain helped a lot and (the fire) didn’t seem to spread and it shouldn’t spread anywhere,” Gregory said. “Or at least we hope so.”