Fresno, California man accused of mass shooting dies in county jail
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Fresno, California man accused of mass shooting dies in county jail

One of four men charged in a mass shooting at a college football party in southeast Fresno is dead, his attorney confirmed Tuesday at a court hearing.

Porge Kue, 30, has been charged with four counts of murder and other crimes, as have three others accused in the Nov. 17, 2019, shooting that left four men dead and six injured.

According to Fresno County Assistant District Attorney Kelly Smith, the investigation into Kue’s death was ongoing and the cause of his death was not yet known.

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Fresno County Sheriff’s spokesman Tony Botti previously confirmed to The Fresno Bee that Kue’s death did not occur at the hands of another inmate, though an investigation is ongoing.

Kue, who was booked into the Fresno County Jail, died June 19 in a Fresno hospital after spending time in a coma, his attorney Jamil Nushwat said Tuesday.

He added that the Kue family is devastated by the loss of a loved one and is suffering for the victims of the shooting at the party and their families.

“The family has called it an aberration,” Nushwat said. “They are heartbroken for the victims.”

Nushwat said that after the shooting, Kue turned to religion and sought forgiveness.

“We really thought he was drawn into it emotionally and that he was largely forced into it,” Nushwat said on Tuesday.

In addition to Kue, the Fresno County District Attorney’s Office charged Ger Lee, 27, Anthony Montes, 27, and Billy Xiong, 25, with murder with special circumstances, conspiracy to commit murder and multiple counts of attempted murder.

The three other federal defendants are Pao Vang, 30, Jhovanny Delgado, 19, and Johnny Xiong, 25.

Federal officials said all of the men are members of the Mongolian Boys Society, a street gang operating in Fresno and Visalia.

All seven men were charged with planning the shooting in revenge for the death of a gang member’s brother who was killed earlier that day.

Families of the victims and law enforcement officials said none of the victims at the soccer event were gang members or involved in the shooting that attacked them.

That night, Kou Xiong, 38; Xy Lee, 23; Kalaxang Thao, 40; and Phia Vang, 31; were killed and six others were injured. They had gathered with friends and family to watch the game on television at a home in southeast Fresno.

If found guilty, the three remaining defendants tried in Fresno County Superior Court could be sentenced to death or life in prison without the possibility of parole.

The next hearing is scheduled for Aug. 22. Attorneys in the courtroom Tuesday estimated the trial could last up to nine months.

Fresno, California man accused of mass shooting dies in county jail

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