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Investigation launched into Alton mine collapse and sinkhole

ALTON — An investigation began Tuesday into a mine collapse that left a 100-foot-wide crater in the middle of a soccer field at a city park last month.

The city has received approval from the federal Mine Safety and Health Administration to begin exploratory drilling under a park access road to determine next steps for restoring Gordon Moore Municipal Park, the city said in a statement late Tuesday.

The mine beneath the football field, owned by New Frontier Materials, was part of an active limestone quarry when it collapsed June 28. The mining company said workers evacuated the area in time, and no injuries were reported on the surface or underground.

As of the end of Tuesday, New Frontier Materials had completed drilling in more than half of the original target area, the release said.

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Drilling will continue this week and all data collected will be submitted to MSHA.

A meeting between city officials and New Frontier Materials to discuss the plans is scheduled for the second half of the week.

The collapsed mine at Alton was an active limestone mine. Workers evacuated in time.

On Wednesday 2024, at approximately 8:30am, a mine collapse occurred at the Gordon Moore Park sports field in Alton.