Awash in Success: Improving Workplace Bathrooms
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Awash in Success: Improving Workplace Bathrooms

Awash in Success: Improving Workplace Bathrooms

We’ve already welcomed you to parties and dined in style, but this month we’re delving into the realm of workplace hygiene: office restrooms. Here’s why you should encourage customers to flush out bad hygiene and offer sparkling restrooms

Over the past few months, you may have noticed our digital content taking a journey through familiar office building spaces. So far, we’ve looked at receptions and dining areas. This month, we’re taking a look at bathrooms. From innovative water-saving features to thoughtful touches that boost employee satisfaction, it’s imperative that dealers champion the creation of exemplary bathrooms.

Accessibility and inclusiveness

Dealers play a key role in helping customers create accessible and inclusive bathrooms. It is important to remember that regulations governing bathroom spaces vary depending on the size of the workforce. In addition, it is important to consider the diversity of people in the work environment, allowing companies to acknowledge the social, cultural and personal diversity of their employees.

For example, dealers can help customers improve the accessibility of bathrooms for employees with varying physical needs, including those with limited mobility, visual impairments, or neurological disabilities. This could include incorporating products such as Braille signage, accessible sanitation fixtures, and pull- or push-button alarms. While having an accessible bathroom is a legal requirement for all business premises, dealers should emphasize the importance of ensuring that these spaces go beyond mere functionality. They should serve as clean, sanitary, and comfortable areas that promote employee inclusion and well-being.

Supporting sustainable development

Creating an efficient bathroom space is key to saving energy and water, offering customers significant savings by introducing technology that measures, analyzes and reduces usage. Conducting an energy audit and using the data to guide improvements can help small businesses save up to 17 percent on their energy bills annually. To facilitate these savings, dealers should recommend products such as timers and faucet aerators, which can save up to 40 liters of water per day.

Another area where dealers can help businesses improve their bathrooms is air quality. While a solid cleaning system can keep surfaces and touchpoints germ-free, mold and mildew can build up in unseen areas, requiring frequent cleaning and replacement of ventilation products. By offering specialized cleaning products for all areas of the bathroom, dealers can help businesses keep their bathrooms fresh and prevent workplace illnesses.

Inspiring spaces

While employees may not spend much time in the bathroom, it is a space with frequent visitors, including those outside the organization. As with any other workplace, first impressions are key. Bathrooms don’t have to be boring. Rather, they can be fresh, welcoming, and bright spaces that make guests and employees feel refreshed.

Dealers can help businesses create inspiring washroom spaces by adding attractive lighting (with LED options contributing to sustainability), eye-catching signage, posters, wall art and stylish storage solutions. Offering a variety of washroom products can improve the employee experience – businesses should consider going beyond the standard offering to provide a diverse selection of soaps, disinfectants and feminine hygiene products.

By focusing on accessibility, sustainability and inspiring design, dealers can help businesses transform washrooms into spaces that not only meet regulatory requirements, but also improve employee well-being and create a positive experience for all guests.

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