Igbo speaking community BOT merges Ndieze factions into one group
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Igbo speaking community BOT merges Ndieze factions into one group

Igbo speaking community BOT merges Ndieze factions into one group

Peace appears to be gradually returning to the Igbo community in Lagos State following decisive decisions taken by the BOT led by Dr. Jonathan Nnaji during a stakeholders meeting held at the community headquarters in Surulere.

PMEXPRESS reports that the meeting was attended by a large number of representatives from the Igbo speaking community including Ndieze led by the Chairman of Ndieze Council, Lagos State, Ezendigbo in Ikeja, Eze James Agbowodike Nwalozie, Eze Alex Nwoye, Eze Nicolas Njoku, Eze Ephraim, Eze Anorue, Eze Lawrence Eze, Eze Chukwuka Chikadibe, Eze Chukwuakalikamadu and other Eze.

The meeting was also attended by the two faction presidents of the Igbo speaking community, Chief Sunday Udeh and Chief Sunday Eze, the LCDA chairman, former leaders of the group, men and women, including women leaders.

The purpose of the meeting was to unite the Igbo speaking community under one roof. It was agreed that what happened in the past was over and it was time to move forward as a united group.

The BOT Chairman, Dr. Nnaji, in his speech explained to the stakeholders why the peace process was delayed and explained that it was due to legal disputes and then the parties decided to make peace.

He explained that once the court approves, the BOT will conduct elections for a new executive and there will be no more factions of the Igbo speaking community in Lagos State.

The following resolutions were adopted at the meeting:

1. It was resolved that there shall be peace in Lagos State and there shall be one Igbo speaking community.

2. The Ndieze Council will be united under one leadership.

3. All Ezendigbo crowned by the two factions during the crisis will be recognized by the Igbo speaking community but they must mend their Ezeship before the OT Council and Ndieze Council before they will be recognized.

4. All factions have been ordered not to crown Ezendigbo any further until those crowned by the factions are rectified by the BOT. However, those who fail to come to the BOT rectification to have a record will not be recognized by the Igbo speaking community.

5. It was also decided that the elections would be held as soon as possible after the case was resolved in the Court.

6. It was also resolved that the Ndieze Council headed by Eze Chika Nwokedi shall invite three persons as representatives to a meeting with the BOT to determine the modalities for joining the Ndieze Council headed by Eze Nwalozie, recognised by the BOT.

The Ezendigbo of Ejigbo LCDA, Eze Alex Sunday Nwoye, thanked both the BOT and stakeholders who attended the meeting and stated that he called for and instigated peace so that the Igbo speaking community could become one united entity.

During the meeting, Chief Sunday, who led one of the factions of the Igbo Speaking Community, apologized for everything that had happened in the past and stated that he was for peace and would do everything he could to bring peace to the Igbo Speaking Community.

While Chief Sunday Eze agreed with the peaceful initiatives of the BOT and the stakeholders, he suggested that he would like him and Chief Udeh to step aside because he is conducting an election in which another candidate has emerged. However, this suggestion was completely rejected by the stakeholders.