Wounded Warrior Project to Share Innovative Suicide Prevention Initiatives at 2024 VA/DoD Conference
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Wounded Warrior Project to Share Innovative Suicide Prevention Initiatives at 2024 VA/DoD Conference

Experts discuss closing the gap in access to care in rural areas and the social determinants of health for women veterans.

JACKSONVILLE, Florida., July 10, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP) will present its innovative approach to addressing suicide risk factors at the nation’s premier conference on suicide prevention among military personnel and veterans.

The 2024 VA/DoD Suicide Prevention Conference is hosted by the Department of Veteran Affairs and the Department of Defense. This year’s theme is Rethinking Suicide Prevention: Evolution and Innovation to Meet Diverse Needs.

“The Wounded Warrior Project is committed to reducing suicide rates among veterans,” he said. Jennifer SilvaChief Program Officer at WWP. “We look forward to sharing our innovative approaches and collaboration models and working with the military and veteran community to scale them and save more lives.”

Reducing the number of suicides among soldiers Alaska
WWP warriors surveyed* by WWP in rural areas were more likely to have experienced suicidal thoughts in the past 12 months than those living in urban areas. The rates are even higher among warriors living in Alaskawhere nearly 1 in 3 warriors surveyed admitted to having suicidal thoughts in the past year.

WWP and Army representatives will share how adventure-based learning and evidence-based interventions are helping reduce suicide rates in the U.S. military Alaska. The base reduced its suicide rate from 17 in 2021 to four in 2023. U.S. Army psychologist Capt. Hannah MartinezU.S. Army Chaplain Maj. John McDougallAND Meghan LoukThe Odyssey Project® WWP manager, will explain how WWP trains army chaplains to intervene: Innovations in suicide prevention Alaska:The U.S. Army partners with the Wounded Warrior Project to deliver a community-centered, adventure-based approach to emotion regulation and coping strategies.

Discussing Risk Factors for Suicide Among Female Warriors
“Women are breaking barriers in their service to our country, becoming the fastest growing population among service members and veterans. We know they also face unique challenges during and after active duty, which can increase the risk of suicidal thoughts,” she said. Lindsey GraySenior Suicide Prevention Specialist at WWP.

The 2023 WWP Women Warrior Report shows that rates of suicidal ideation and attempted suicide are higher among WWP women warriors than among male warriors. Female warriors are also more likely to experience barriers to accessing care than male warriors.

Gray will lead an interactive discussion exploring the relationship between social factors and suicidal ideation among female warriors in a panel titled: Post-9/11 Women Veterans: Social Determinants of Health and Suicidal Ideation and BehaviorThe discussion will explore WWP research with personal stories from veterans offering honest insights from their life experiences.

2024 VA/DoD Suicide Prevention Conference July 16-18 on Oregon Congress Center in Portland, OR.

*Source: 2022 Warrior Survey conducted between 15 June and 24 August 2022.

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Wounded Warrior Project to Share Innovative Suicide Prevention Initiatives at 2024 VA/DoD Conference