Brutal armed robbery gang caught
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Brutal armed robbery gang caught

Brutal armed robbery gang caught
Photo: Guardia Civil

The national police have broken up a gang of armed robbers who specialised in attacking jewellers and homes on Spain’s east coast, a police spokesman said.
Nine suspects have been charged with stealing jewellery worth more than €1 million from a shop in Cartagena, a home invasion in Bétera (Valencia) and two violent robberies in Torrevieja and Orihuela Costa.
So far, nine arrests have been made and officers have recovered jewellery, watches and weapons, including several firearms.
The robbery in Cartagena occurred on January 6 in the La Palma district, where a woman dressed in a wig entered a jewelry store and threatened the owner with a firearm. The woman fired into the store, then fled after a few minutes, taking a large amount of jewelry.
Specialist detectives from the Guardia Civil determined that this may have been the work of an experienced, travelling gang, who were likely involved in other similarly brutal acts, and whose members lived a high life, given that they had no known employment.
Police stopped two luxury cars on the road from Portman (Murcia) to Alicante and arrested five occupants, three men and two women, before detaining two more alleged gang members at the police station.
The vehicles contained three firearms, blank ammunition, an electric stun gun, numerous doses of marijuana and cocaine, forged documents, and jewelry and watches worth approximately €63,000. All of these items were confiscated, as was one of the vehicles.
The spokesman added that the attack in Bétera took place in a house where two masked men armed with firearms were staying. They threatened the residents, beat them with weapons and demanded that they hand over 40,000 euros and their cell phones.
Investigating officers determined that certain details were known only to a few people close to the victim, which led them to the person who allegedly helped plan and carry out the attack.
It was also established that the attack was carried out on a contract basis and that the gang had operated in this manner before.
The gang is believed to have used GPS trackers to track victims and attacked them when they were most vulnerable, usually when they returned home to enter and violently demand that they open safes and hand over valuables.
The suspects are also accused of raiding a house in Torrevieja and a jeweller’s in Orihuela Costa, where they repeatedly hit the victims in the head with a gun.
During two further searches in the cities of Murcia and Santomera, officers seized two kilograms of hashish, a pistol, a replica of an assault rifle, bullets, two self-defense gases, two GPS trackers and clothes and props used to commit the robberies, as well as various evidence proving involvement in other crimes.
As a result of the searches, one more suspect was arrested, bringing the total number of people detained to nine, five of whom were women and four men aged between 18 and 48, but the operation is still ongoing.
They were charged with robbery with the use of violence and intimidation, illegal possession of firearms, drug trafficking, forging official documents, theft of motor vehicles and belonging to a criminal organization.