Angry man fires gun to threaten children enjoying fireworks display
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Angry man fires gun to threaten children enjoying fireworks display

MORGAN COUNTY, Ind. — A Paragon man was arrested Saturday for shooting into a crowd of children enjoying a fireworks show.

Gary Horton, 60, was charged with:

  • Intimidation with a deadly weapon
  • Criminal recklessness with a deadly weapon
  • Resisting law enforcement officers
  • Inappropriate behavior

On Saturday at 10:33 p.m., officers were dispatched to the 100 block of Barbara Walls Dr. in Paragon on a report of shots fired and threats with a gun by a neighbor. Upon arrival, a witness said a man in a nearby home told them he was going to “use an AK and shoot them.”

While speaking with the individuals, the officer heard what appeared to be shots coming from an automatic rifle. The officer grabbed his gun, began observing the area and called for backup. When backup arrived, he informed the suspect that the house was surrounded and to come out with his hands up.

According to court documents, the disoriented woman exited the home and was handcuffed. The man initially disobeyed the order but eventually walked outside with his hands up. However, he reportedly still disobeyed the order and officers had to use a Taser to handcuff him.

Angry man fires gun to threaten children enjoying fireworks display

Multiple officers arrived on scene and searched the home where they found several rifles, shell casings, a handgun, and numerous cans of beer. Horton allegedly told officers that he became upset about his neighbors setting off fireworks, so he decided to leave the house and fire ammunition from his AK into the ground. He also told officers that he had had 12 beers.

At the scene, officers collected 19 witness and victim statement forms. Each form contained the same unanimity, stating that Horton threatened them with harm and then, minutes later, began firing a firearm while several children were present.

On Sunday at approximately 12:23 a.m., a search warrant was executed at Horton’s address. Officers were able to seize multiple firearms, several boxes of ammunition, and additional firearms accessories from Horton’s home. A woman was also home at the time.

Horton was taken to the Morgan County Jail. Information will be updated as it becomes available.