Truck crashes into Westfield dance studio
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Truck crashes into Westfield dance studio

WESTFIELD, Ind. — Two teachers and two dancers were taking a private lesson at Aurelia Dance Studio Tuesday afternoon when their concentration was interrupted by a white van pulling in through the front door.

The truck only stopped when it hit the wall the dance studio shares with its neighbor, The Lincoln Square Pancake House.

The wall finally stopped the truck.

The end of the destructive ride was captured on cameras inside the restaurant. One showed an additional dining area where a camera fell off a wall. Another camera showed the truck slamming into the rear storage area, sending food flying.

“That’s pretty much what it looked like,” Gert Roslender said. “An explosion.”

Roslender is the owner of Aurelia Dance Studio. He was inside when a truck hit him along with another teacher and two students.

The main dining room at Lincoln Square Pancake House doesn’t even show the accident. The side dining room and rear storage room are behind closed doors. The restaurant is still open and serving — the dance studio is a different story.

“That whole area was full of glass,” Roslender said. “We were sweeping it up last night. Lots of bags full of gas.”

Roslender said he and the three others were only 10 to 15 feet from the truck when it hit it. He had his back turned.

“It was just a really loud noise,” he said. “I just remember grabbing my student and turning around, there was a car inside.”

Truck crashes into Westfield dance studio

It was a shock to everyone. The other teacher was able to get into the truck and turn it off. The rampage destroyed the front door of the studio, a small wall in the entryway with a couch, TV, music system and trophies before smashing through a wall of mirrors. That’s thousands of dollars in damage.

“Our sofa is over there somewhere,” Roslender said, pointing to a pile of rubble that used to be a wall.

The impact was so strong that it moved what was left of the wall. You can see where the door frame at the end of the room moved back.

“The whole wall moved four or five inches,” he said.

Somehow, no one was hurt. Roslender said they moved around the room a lot during that lesson and were on that side of the room a few minutes earlier. He said the situation could have been a lot worse.

“I wouldn’t talk to you,” he said.

Westfield police said witnesses saw a white pickup truck driving normally before it sped off and went off the road. The driver was not injured and told police his gas pedal was stuck. No arrests were made.

Temporary repairs have begun to close the dance studio front. But Roslender isn’t sure how long they’ll be without the studio, where they just celebrated a decade of dancing last month.

The good news is that several dance studios have already offered them space.