Dover Family Murder-Suicide Life Insurance Change
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Dover Family Murder-Suicide Life Insurance Change

Dover Family Murder-Suicide Life Insurance Change
From left: Arianna, Teena, and Rick Kamal. In December 2023, Rick shot and killed Teena and Arianna in their Dover home before turning the gun on himself. – Paula Swift Photography

Four days before authorities say a Dover man shot his wife and daughter and then killed himself, the beneficiaries on his wife’s life insurance policy were changed. Boston Globe reports.

Authorities said Rakesh “Rick” Kamal killed his wife, Teena, and 18-year-old daughter, Arianna, before shooting himself in their 21-room, $4 million home on Dec. 28.

On Christmas Eve, a fax was sent to the insurance company that holds Teena Kamal’s $1.25 million policy, according to Globe. For three decades, Rick Kamal was named the primary beneficiary and Arianna as a backup or “contingent” beneficiary. The change, made just days before the family’s death, changed the rules so that Rick and Arianna Kamal would share the primary designation, and Rick’s brother, Manoj Kamal, would be named as a dependent beneficiary.

In the months since the family’s death, the couple’s siblings have been locked in a legal battle over Teena Kamal’s life insurance claim, which began when Manoj Kamal filed a claim under his sister-in-law’s policy, Globe reported.

Teena Kamal’s brother Sandeep Bedi has ‘raised concerns’ with the insurance company over the circumstances of the family’s death and the change in beneficiary, according to Globe.

“It’s heartbreaking and it’s upsetting, but it’s not out of the ordinary,” said J. Michael Young, a Texas life insurance litigation attorney. Globe“Whenever you throw a million dollars into the air, there are bound to be battles.”

This Globe previously reported that Rick Kamal, unbeknownst to his family, had accumulated massive debts in the years leading up to the murder-suicide, leading to an eviction order being issued against the family from their Dover residence in late December 2023.

Teena Kamal’s family said they had “no idea” about her financial situation.

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