Milwaukee homicides down, robberies, carjackings up
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Milwaukee homicides down, robberies, carjackings up

MILWAUKEE — The number of homicides in the city is down from the same period last year, while carjackings and robberies are up, according to data released Wednesday by Milwaukee police.

The figures show the city recorded 61 homicide deaths in the first six months of 2024, compared to 74 in the same period in 2023 and 105 in 2022. There have been 905 armed robberies in Milwaukee this year and 236 carjackings, up 5% and 26%, respectively, from 2022.

Milwaukee homicides down, robberies, carjackings up
Second quarter crime figures in the city of Milwaukee for 2024 compared to the same periods in 2022 and 2023. Image credit: Milwaukee Police Department

The Chief of Police Jeffrey Norman According to the department, a number of carjacking operations originating in Illinois have been identified targeting the city.

The data also shows that hit-and-run car crashes are up slightly in Milwaukee compared to 2023 (2,672 this year vs. 2,636 in 2023), while traffic fatalities are down 16% (2024 – 36; 2023 – 43).

In total, 4,304 violent crime cases have been reported in Milwaukee so far this year.