Airbnb Doesn’t Protect Guests From Hidden Cameras // Toddler Fights for Life After Fireworks Explosion
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Airbnb Doesn’t Protect Guests From Hidden Cameras // Toddler Fights for Life After Fireworks Explosion

Good morning. It’s Wednesday, July 10th.

  • Airbnb does not protect guests from hidden cameras.
  • Toddler fights to recover after fireworks explosion.
  • And the gorgeous colors of Red Rock Canyon State Park.

In the whole state


For more than a century, California’s indigenous people were barred from lighting ritual fires under a law that deemed fires destructive. But in 2022, after some of the most extreme wildfires in state history, that law was repealed, affirming the right to light “good fires” intended to restore overgrown forests to health. The New York Times article on the tribe’s recent burning of giant sequoias in the western Sierra Nevada has some nice photos.

Airbnb Doesn’t Protect Guests From Hidden Cameras // Toddler Fights for Life After Fireworks Explosion
(Mike Kelley/SPF:architects)

A new pedestrian bridge in the San Joaquin Valley was designed to resemble the tail of a lizard.. The Wonder Bridge was funded by agricultural giant The Wonderful Company to connect a neighborhood and two schools to a park across Highway 46 in the farming town of Lost Hills. Architecture publications are raving about its striking design. Architect’s Newspaper | designboom


The latest buzzword in corporate circles is ‘double-click’ – and it’s making people cringe. It is used as a shorthand for examining something in more detail, as in “let’s double-click on this sales pitch.” Bill Atkinson, the former Apple designer and inventor of the literal double-click, was asked for his thoughts. He said he disliked both the idiom and the feature he created in 1979. In retrospect, an additional “Shift” button on the mouse would have been more user-friendly, he said. “The double-click was a mistake.” Wall Street Journal

(Pendry Newport Beach)

California performed very well in the hotel category of Travel + Leisure’s “The World’s Best Awards 2024”, with four hotels in the top 100. Based on responses from more than 186,000 readers, Pendry Newport Beach ranked 8th in the world, highest in the U.S. Opening in 2023, the hotel features an Art Deco design and rooms with floor-to-ceiling windows. Travel + Leisure

Northern California


When temperatures get extreme, farm supervisors sometimes send workers home early. On June 6, a day when afternoon temperatures topped 100 degrees, a group of six field workers in Yolo County asked to leave after one of them got sick. A supervisor told them to go right away, said Jorge Santana, one of the workers. But when they came back the next day, they were all released, he said.“They had a paycheck ready and told us there was no more work for us,” Santana said. State regulators are investigating. KCRA

Police found an image of an Airbnb host setting up a camera. (via CNN)

“The scariest moment of my life.”

CNN investigation reveals Airbnb fails to protect guests from hidden cameras in rental properties. In court filings last year, the San Francisco-based company revealed that it had fielded 35,000 customer service calls about the surveillance devices since 2013. In one case, in July 2021, a guest at a cabin notified Airbnb that he had found a hidden camera pointed at the bed. Five months later, the listing remained active on the site, with a “superhost” label, according to the lawsuit. CNN


An illegal fireworks explosion that injured 14 people on July 4 has rocked the North Shore community of Crescent City. A toddler who was hit by a mortar remained in a medically induced coma, unable to breathe on his own, his aunt said Tuesday. Speakers at a public hearing Tuesday urged county supervisors to tighten rules on illegal fireworks. “It was a war zone,” said Rose Reppond, 62, whose finger was crushed. “It was a bad war zone.” Wild Rivers Outpost

  • The footage shows an explosion. Facebook

Southern California

The 6th Street Bridge in Los Angeles went dark after its electrical wiring was stolen. (David George)

It’s not just Los Angeles that is being deprived of copper electrical wiring. As reported by the New York Times, the lights are going out in American cities:

“Metal theft has been a citywide scourge for decades, often rising with commodity prices. But the combination of economic woes and social unrest since the pandemic, and the rising demand for metals, especially copper, has driven street crime to new levels.”


Just after 11 p.m. on July 4, Logan Kelley, 26, walked up to a group of strangers watching fireworks in Huntington Beach and began stabbing them, authorities say. Eric Hodges, 42, and William Collins, 47, were killed. Kelley was charged with murder and attempted murder on Tuesday.. Prosecutors have portrayed the attack as random. Kelley, they said, had been drinking alcohol and taking hallucinogenic drugs before the stabbing. NBC News | AP

(San Diego Humane Society)

On Thanksgiving Day last year, wildlife rescuers were alerted to an injured cougar calf on the side of a Simi Valley road, likely hit by a vehicle. The animal had a broken hind leg, a death sentence in the wild. Vets tended to the starving animal and repaired the fracture with a metal plate and 10 screws. Seven months later, it was ready to be released back into the wild. Watch a short video of the journey of a young lion. AP/San Diego Humane Society


“The tortas ahogadas here are fatty and wonderful, crispy, salty bread soaked in salsa de tomate that warms your mouth but has enough structure to hold the soft belly of beans and carnitas.”

Costa Mesa’s massive new Mexican mercado combines a bakery, butcher shop, tortilleria and a row of 20 food stalls under one roof.NY Times

(Don B)

Southern Californians traveling to or from the eastern Sierra Nevada often like to stop for a moment at the orange and maroon sandstone cliffs of Red Rock Canyon State Park, visible from the highway. But if we delve a little deeper into the park, we will see even more wonders: wrinkled formations in less spectacular but still dazzling palettes of peach and sandy brown shades. The whole place lights up at sunrise, above. Modern hiker |

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