The Vista Fire doubled in size overnight, growing to 2,354 acres
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The Vista Fire doubled in size overnight, growing to 2,354 acres

Community meeting scheduled for Thursday for Lytle Creek residents

The Vista Fire doubled in size overnight, growing to 2,354 acres


More than 400 firefighters worked Wednesday to extinguish flames of the Vista Fire, which was raging in the San Bernardino National Forest between Lytle Creek and the Mt. Baldy ski area, after it doubled in size overnight to 2,354 acres, officials said.

The fire was 0% contained as it spread through steep and dangerous terrain, U.S. Forest Service officials said.

“Most of the growth occurred along the southern, southeast edge of the fire, with approximately 1,200 acres of growth toward Coldwater Canyon,” according to a statement from incident commanders.

“Last night, a rapid response force consisting of two heavy-lift helicopters dropped 60,000 gallons of water, cooling the fire area and assisting firefighters in maintaining the fire’s perimeter,” the statement said. “Along the northwest flank, the fire remains in the Stockton Flats.”

According to a statement by incident commanders, approximately 150 facilities were at risk.

During firefighting efforts Tuesday, the fire was “very active” on the northeastern slope, moving southeast multiple times into an area previously burned by the 2023 Knob fire, forest officials said.

Authorities said the northwestern part of the fire was emitting heavy smoke as it burned through dead fuel.

Light winds caused smoke to linger in the area, moving slowly east and prompting an air quality advisory for the High Desert.

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According to the statement, flames were spreading along the trail near Devil’s Backbone, “creating a good firebreak that should help limit the potential spread of the fire.”

Officials added that a series of fires that broke out from the main fire area also kept firefighters busy.

Firefighters continued to extinguish the fire from the ground and air, while extinguishing crews continued to work to build extinguishing lines around localized fires.

Mt. Baldy Ski Resort remains under an evacuation order, and nearby hiking trails have also been closed.

The Lytle Creek Road closure, which was previously implemented at Glen Helen Parkway, was moved farther north to Meyers Canyon Road, officials said. Only residents had access.

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A community meeting for Lytle Creek residents is scheduled for 6 p.m. Thursday at the Lytle Creek Community Center, 14082 Center Road. It will be open only to Lytle Creek residents living north of Glen Helen Parkway. It will be broadcast live on the San Bernardino National Forest Facebook page at

The Vista Fire broke out Sunday morning northwest of Lytle Creek. The cause of the fire remains under investigation.