21 Jul, 2024
4 injured in Oklahoma oil field explosion, firefighters say
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4 injured in Oklahoma oil field explosion, firefighters say



KOCO via CNN Newsource

BRADLEY, Okla. (KOCO) — Multiple people were injured in an explosion at an oil field in Grady County Monday afternoon.

The explosion occurred near 2990 County Street and Boundary Street, just outside Bradley. Four people were injured in the incident and taken to a hospital, according to the Grady County Fire Department.

The Grady County Sheriff’s Office said the individuals were taken to a hospital in Lindsay. It was not immediately clear how serious the injuries were.

“I don’t know how bad the injuries are. Everyone was transported and treated,” said Chief Rodney Gregory of the Grady County Fire Department.

After the first fire was extinguished, new fires broke out. KOCO 5 was on scene when the second fire broke out.

Firefighters contained the blaze but stepped back to let it burn. Officials said they expect the fire to burn for several days.

“In almost 30 years, this is maybe the sixth or seventh case I’ve seen in this county,” Gregory said. “It could go on for days.”

The operator of the oil mine is Red Rock Oil and Gas, and Gregory said all the victims were workers.

“The second fire was accidental, caused by heat from equipment that was still there,” Gregory said.

Firefighters moved their truck away from the scene of the blaze. The chief said the decision was made after they realized the rig was not structurally sound.

“It could fall over. Pipes could fall out of the (oil) rig. That’s a good reason to keep everyone away from it,” Gregory said.

Firefighters say that as long as the fire burns, they are confident they will be able to get the situation under control.

“As long as it burns, it’s safer than if it didn’t. The contaminants will burn that way,” Gregory said.

Firefighters said the explosion did not damage any homes or other property. It is unclear how it all started.

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