Fears of dingo ‘explosion’ across country following protection order
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Fears of dingo ‘explosion’ across country following protection order

Farmers say they are worried about their livestock after Victorian government decision to recognise dingoes as a protected species.

In March this year, Victorian authorities lifted a dingo control order in the north-west of the state, effectively banning attempts to shoot them.

“Dingoes are currently protected in north-west Victoria on both public and private land and it is an offence to kill them without a permit,” the conservation watchdog said online.

Fears of dingo ‘explosion’ across country following protection order
There are fears dingo attacks will increase after Victoria granted them partial protection from shooting in the state. (Robert Rough)

“Dingoes remain unprotected on private land in all other areas of Victoria, and on public land within 3km of private land boundaries in eastern Victoria.”

The change was made due to findings indicating an “imminent risk” of extinction of native species in the area.

Farmers in affected areas can apply for special permits to combat the dingo problem.

Dingo conservation zone in north-west Victoria. (Victoria State Government)

Emma Germano, president of the Victorian Farmers Federation, has already met with Agriculture Minister Rose Spence and called for the ban to be overturned, saying attacks on farm animals are already on the rise.

And across the border, farmers in New South Wales are anxiously watching what happens next.

Nerriga sheep and cattle producer John Rolfe said NSW authorities needed to prepare to ensure the slaughter ban did not affect farmers in the state.

“Wild dogs and dingoes do not read lines on a map, so the actions of the Victorian Government will undoubtedly result in wild dogs and dingoes leaking like a sieve across the state and into New South Wales,” he said.

“These animals brutally attack and kill calves, lambs, kids and even larger farm animals like sheep – so we simply cannot stand by and watch the population of these predators explode.”

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He called on the government to work to coordinate population control measures and increase funding for methods such as baiting and exclusion fencing.

Victoria is currently the only state in Australia to provide some form of protection to dingoes.

As Australia’s only native canine and an apex predator, it plays an important role in the country’s ecosystem.

However, it has long been a target of farmers and the agri-industry due to its predatory attacks on livestock.

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