million for employee salaries – FBC News
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$6 million for employee salaries – FBC News

$6 million for employee salaries – FBC News

In a major step to streamline workers’ compensation procedures, the Ministry of Employment has received $6 million to resolve pending death and injury cases.

Commenting on this, Finance Minister Professor Biman Prasad emphasised that the allocation reflects a transitional phase in the way compensation for workplace accidents is managed.

Professor Prasad says that despite the existence of the Fiji Accident Compensation Commission, the Ministry has traditionally been actively involved in assessment and related activities.

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“So the whole thing is still in a transitional phase. So some of the activities, because even with the ACCF, the Ministry of Employment was still doing a lot of the work, the assessment and all that. So that’s, the whole thing is in a transitional phase right now.”

Under the new arrangements, public sector employees will receive their salaries directly through the Ministry.

This change aims to increase the efficiency and oversight of payroll processes, ensuring they are processed more directly and efficiently.

The ACCF will continue to play a key role in dealing with these cases, maintaining its oversight and management role for compensation claims.

The collaboration between the Department of Employment and the ACCF represents a coordinated approach to improving accountability and streamlining the operation of workplace injury compensation.